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Since 2013, Jessica has been teaching fragrance creation and in-depth study of the botanical  and synthetic materials used in fragrance  formulation   She weaves together the history of traditional perfumery with modern perfumery, including green chemistry practises, and sustainability considerations in formulation, as well as small business development.  Natural perfumery and aromatherapy are also included if requested. 

Her speciality is a hands on approach to niche perfumery and cosmetics formulation, and she has extensive experience in her own brand development spanning 20 years of work, from Canada to France, always maintaining an independent approach,  and forging a path respectful of both tradition and modernity.

Please contact us directly for personalised training, in both corporate and personal  settings.   Training options range from 2 hour masterclasses; to multi-day professional workshops. Courses can be tailored to your specific needs.

References available upon request

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