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1000 Flowers was founded in Canada in 2000 by Jessica Buchanan. The early focus of the company was to offer a selection of pure essential oils and natural skin care creations. This evolved into natural perfumery, which led to the founder's decision to study fragrance creation at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery in 2007, and subsequently, to emigrate from Canada and make France her home. 


Since 2011, the company has been based full time in Grasse. 

All fragrances are formulated in-house;  production is done by hand, in small batches, and bottled in our own atelier/boutique, opened in 2017, located on the main square of the centre of the old city of Grasse, in the south of France.  

There are 2 main collections: The first,  the Original Collection, representing the earliest fragrances- Narcotic Flowers (2004), Reglisse Noire (2010), the cult composition inspired by Bassets Liquorice Allsorts, representing a balance between opposites,  and Ode  (2012), which speaks about a Mediterranean love story. 

The more recent Blue Collection (2015-2019), Rose Cassis Paradis, Orange Blossom Petal, Pink Pepper Wood, and Fleur Verte, are built around select wild & cultivated Mediterranean plant and flower extracts from local producers of the region.  

We are very selective in choosing our raw materials palette, and never use polycyclic musks (such as Galaxolide), because they are bio-accumulative, and as increasing availability allows, we implement molecules produced via green/sustainable chemistry.   Our natural ingredients are sourced from well established houses such as LMR in Grasse, as well as small producers throughout the region.    All fragrances are blended in certified organic French grain alcohol. 


A deep appreciation and respect for the natural world forms the basis for all policies and decisions  made within the company, from simple recycled paper packaging, to no plastics or cellophane, to sourcing low carbon footprint produced ingredients as much as possible.  We support sustainability initiatives such as green and white chemistry, and equitably traded natural ingredients.  



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