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The Perfumer


Jessica September Buchanan grew up on seashores and in the countryside of western Canada.    She began studying essential oils at a young age, and launched her first company in 1998 with a collection of natural cosmetics (Matricaria Plant Essences).  From there, she began to develop fragrances using only botanical essences.  Following 4 years of work in her own lab in Canada, she achieved accredited certification in clinical aromatherapy in 2006,  followed by the decision to move to France to study at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery in 2007.   Following 1 year of intensive training, she interned in two of the traditional perfume houses of the region, (Robertet and Mane), which facilitated an enlightening inside view of the perfume industry.   Her lab has been based in the centre of the old city of Grasse since 2014.  In 2017, she opened the first bricks and mortar boutique/atelier on the main square of the old city, and continues to work as an independent perfumer and artistic director of the house.  She specialises in working with natural ingredients and sustainably produced molecules whenever possible.  

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