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L’Huile précieuse à la Rose d’Azerbaïdjan- Rose of Azerbaïdjan Oil Elixir

Introducing our premium skincare composition:  the Precious Oil of Rose from Azerbaijan Jojoba elixir.


With a history dating back to Persia and Greece, the steam distilled essential oil from the ancient plant of Damask Rose has been used for centuries for its beauty and healing properties. Our essential oil is sourced directly from a reputable grower/distiller in Azerbaijan, a historical rose production area, ensuring the highest quality.


We have enriched this precious elixir with two natural fragrant molecules: Nerolidol from Cebreuva and Cedrol from Juniper/Cedarwood. These fragrant actives not only add a delightful scent, but also possess unique therapeutic qualities.


Our Rose Face & Body Elixir features a certified organic Jojoba seed oil base and vegetable sourced Squalane, which are both non-comedogenic skin conditioning emollients that closely resemble our skin's natural oils. These ingredients provide excellent hydration and nourishment, making it suitable for all skin types, especially for tired, fragile, and dry skin.

Experience the luxurious blend of ancient wisdom and modern science in our Precious Rose of Azerbaïdjan Elixir.

L’Huile précieuse à la Rose d’Azerbaïdjan- Rose of Azerbaïdjan Oil Elixir

  • To indulge in the healing and soothing effects of roses, start by thoroughly cleansing your skin. Then, gently smooth on several drops of our special oil blend, and massage it into your skin with gentle sweeping strokes, moving upwards and outwards. As you do so, take deep breaths to inhale the calming scent of the distilled damask roses. Don't forget to apply the oil to your neck and décolleté with the same gentle strokes, and to the backs of your hands, arms, and shoulders, or anywhere else that needs a nourishing and emollient touch.

    For an even richer experience, you can blend the oil with your favorite cream. We personally recommend using it with Weleda Calendula baby face cream for an extra nourishing boost.

    However, if you're pregnant, we advise that you consult with your physician before using the product. As the oil contain an essential oil, we also recommend performing a skin patch test on the inner arm before use if you haven't used rose oil before. If you experience any irritation, please discontinue use immediately.

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