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Week two…dreaming in scent

hyacinth buds

The Nice waterfront
my first French baby…

In Nice I  finally found a jacket to give me an alternative to the rain coat style one that I brought with me.  In the morning hiking to school, this feels like I’m wearing a plastic bag!  I found a lovely little 98% wool mini-suit-jacket style with a belt.  Much more comfortable as the Spring slowly creeps in.  There are Magnolias blooming now as well as Rosemary and some Jasmine.  (these are all found in the boulevard gardens as I walk to school.)

Anyway, we didn’t get home from Nice until after 11pm because we missed the last direct bus to Grasse and so had to go via Cannes and from there the train to Grasse.  A bit of an adventure!

Place des Artistes on a Friday evening
Chat Virant au Vert

I am going to look at an apartment one street over tomorrow evening.  It is not furnished which is a bit of a problem, but I am hoping I can figure that out.  It would be great to only move about 50 feet.  Besides that, the school has found 2 possibilities that we will go to see on Wednesday afternoon.  Also on Wednesday, we are going to a Mimosa production facility to see the extraction process.  (it is Mimosa season now)

A bit later: I just got back from Brazil’s house where we had dinner with her, Australia and Japan 1. Her apartment is soooo beautiful and classy compared to mine.  Made me realize the options and that perhaps I may want to set the bar a little higher for what I am looking for. It’s so nice to be making some friends, and with people who are living and breathing the same stuff as me.  We spent a lot of time talking about what our intentions for the future are and what sort of internships we see ourselves pursuing.  We are all so happy to be here having this experience.  Plus we really rely on each other to learn the raw materials.  We spend hours each afternoon testing each other with the blotter strips so we can remember everything.

 Now I am off to bed to hopefully have a peaceful night without any dreams! 

It is crazy windy tonight- it must be Spring.  

Much love to you all…

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