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Update from Grasse

Amazingly, almost to the day, one year has passed since my last post to this blog.  The year since last October has clearly been a very busy one, as I have been working on perfume creation for clients, and have had very little time to work on new fragrances for 1000 Flowers.  I have been enjoying this developing side of my work, as it is a very rewarding experience to translate someone else’s brief into a commercial fragrance, rather than always drawing on my own ideas for new fragrances.  I have been learning a lot too, refining my skills, and am now working with a very esteemed lab near Grasse who takes my formulae, and mixes up the final perfume concentrate from their stock of the best raw materials available.   Slowly but surely I am becoming more established on this path of being an independent perfumer in Grasse.

Otherwise, as you know from previous posts, I had planned to completely repackage the 1000 Flowers brand.  As it turns out, this was not to happen overnight.  Mostly that is because all my work in sourcing exactly the components I wanted for the new bottles and sprays, was for naught since they are simply not available in realistic quantities. (or at all)  There will be another post about this in the not too distant future.  This is the challenge of every small company, but especially for me, since I have certain eco standards that severely limit the options, and also since what I am trying to achieve is really not supported for small projects.  But more about that later….

Actually, there will soon be much more activity here on the blog, as well as via our new channel on Youtube, since I have just accepted two lovely interns from the American University of Paris, and we are looking at some really exciting campaigns for 1000 Flowers.   And yes, there is also a new fragrance collection in the works.

In the meantime, here is the new format for Reglisse Noire. (Available in 30ml & 50ml).

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