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The last day of school

serge lutens
serge lutens

Today was the last day of school and in the evening as I walked through the rooms turning off all the lights, I was struck with how fast time goes by.  So much has happened since the beginning, since I first entered this space- tears, fights, camaraderie, many shared lunches in the sunshine, laughter and amazing creativity, and most importantly, so much learning.  All those days have come and gone.  Tonight as I stood alone in the dark in the classroom and played all this through my mind, I felt nostalgic but fulfilled.  I feel a bit sad that it’s over, but at the same time, I’m ready for what comes next.  Unfortunately, I don’t yet know what is around the corner and so it felt fitting to just be in the moment and stand in the dark and breath in all the scent from these last months, fully absorbing all that I have learned.

I have chosen this path of perfumery.  I know it is a difficult one.  I am chasing and tasting on occassion the harmonics of an elusive and ethereal medium.  The path I have seen so far is strewn with competitiveness, fragile egos, commercial, legal and artistic limitations, misconceptions, and fear.  It is also lit with the light of dreams, creativity and magical artistic interpretation- and it is that perspective that I am dedicating myself to.  So- it’s the eve of a new chapter and it’s also the eve of the Winter Solstice- the longest night of the year.   Tonight is the time to stop and reflect and rest.

ps I will receive one of the internships….although it may not be in the creation department, but rather evaluation and marketing.  Everything will be confirmed after the holidays.


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