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The first days of school~

view on the walk to school

 During day one and two,  our professor introduced us to  eleven aroma chemicals.  This is the beginning of a study of 175 in total.   We will learn 10 per day from tomorrow on.  It’s very challenging work, memorizing and then being able to identify chemicals like hexenyl acetate CIS-3,  Phenyl ethyl alcohol, or methyloctine carbonate, by smell,  as well as being able to say what aroma family they belong to (Green, Violet etc) and whether they are a Top, Middle or Base note. 

bottles of raw materials

our instruction table

time, and by how they interact with each other. 

It’s interesting to note that I smell in colour.

 I am feeling exhausted, but happier than I have been in years.  Perhaps happier than ever before- C’est ma vie!

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