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the Finale! (part I)

Last night was fantastic!  We got to the hall mid afternoon to get all set up for the evenings festivities, and by 5:30, when the guests started arriving, we were ready.  

The evening began with speeches from the director ASFO (the organization that created GIP), followed by the Mayor of Grasse, then the owner/director of Mane- Mr Mane, followed by a presentation of the brief itself.  There were about 80 people in attendance, all seated.

Earlier we had flipped a coin with the other team to decide the order and the coin decided that we would go first.  So it was I who opened the presentation of our team.  I have always been paralyzed by public speaking in the past, but last night, I was so exhausted and emotionally expanded, that in a way, it was easy.  I felt connected with the audience, knowing they all were members fo the perfumery world, be-it perfumers, evaluators, raw material producers etc.  Our presentation went off perfectly.  (much of it was rewritten over the last few days) and we finished with a sigh of relief and a huge thank you to all the people who gave us chance to have the experience.

After the other team gave their amazing performance, and a bit more formalities were attended to; the winners were announced…and……

The other team won for their marketing- and our team won for the perfumes.  We had two- one Eau de toilette  (Green Zest) and then my fragrance  (Black Licorice) as a room fragrancer and hair gel.  The prizes are 4  three month internships with Mane and Fils.  The final word is yet to come in as to who will receive these, but we should know tomorrow.

I will write more then……….

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