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Thank you!

I would like to simply say thank-you to everyone who has been responding to the Liquorice Dreams sale by 1000 Flowers!  The outpouring of encouragement and support has been absolutely wonderful and very touching.   You are all making a huge contribution in bringing this project to fruition.

As well, I have been hearing from other entrepreneurs who are struggling to make ends meet.  Being self-employed is often deeply challenging- and although it’s crucial to work non-stop to source as much guidance and resources as possible to make a go of it…. really, it’s the Passion and Optimism that will get us through.  But even more importantly, it takes a culture that is aware of the power they hold with their money, and who choose to buy from and support small business in general.  The big corps have enough money already!  So instead of ‘buy nothing days’ etc, how about always exchanging our earnings for items created/grown by small enterprises?  This is one way to change the world and create economic health for the people by the people.  Thanks again for choosing to support 1000 Flowers!

Lots of love, Jessica September Buchanan

A natural perfume- rich with jasmine, orange flower, osmanthus, oleander, opoponax resin and labdanum. (in the 1000 Flowers boutique soon)

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