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Returning to France

Here I am back in France after 3 weeks away in Canada.   I have been finding it a bit difficult re-entering as I seem to have forgotten my French!  Hopefully it won’t take too long to get it back.  I’ve been told by 2 different people that Michel Thomas has a learning system that really works.  I must make the most of this second half of the adventure to have some breakthroughs in my grasp of the language.

The second term of school begins on Monday of next week, Sept third. Through the next four monthes we will be learning in depth perfume formulation, cosmetic formulation, legislation, and marketing.  Also our heavy investigation of organic chemistry will continue until ‘we get it’ according to the teacher. I am excited and a tiny bit nervous, but after my trip to Canada, am much more clear as to my plans following graduation in December.  For starters I will likely do another internship for a month or two right after school finishes just to soak up some more experience afterwhich I will return to Canada and relaunch my company, now infused with new products and fresh ideas from all that I have learned here.  

I have to say that it was a great relief to be in my own country where I kept being thrilled with the novlty of understanding what everyone was saying! It’s amazing how  much we take language for granted. 

 For the next few days I will do some simple exploring around Cannes and Nice, checking out the old city section of both but will also rent a deck chair on the beach, swim and simply relax.

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