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November 27

Bonjour!  Just a quick note to say that life here is very busy these days and rather than not write at all due to the lack of time for essays, I intend to attempt mini entries just to keep you up to date….

It is definitely l’Automne now here, with the hills behind Grasse turning a rusty orange as the oaks turn colour and we’ve had some days of torrential rain, causing baskets of wild champignons to appear in the grocery stores.  Yesterday, however, dawned gorgeous and sunny and was so warm that we had the sliding glass doors of our lunch room wide open as we ate.  School is hectic these days as we hit the homestretch.  We finish on the 21st of next month and tomorrow is the day for our final product submissions for the Mane & Fils competition that has taken centre stage for the entire Fall semester. My perfume formula is finished, although I am having some problems with the 10% solution made from the concentrate being different from the batch I made from raw materials that were in solution already.  (and that I used while writing the formula) This is normal apparently, but today I  must remake a batch from the 10%solution for the submission because it is subtly superior.  Everyone at school is in full competitive mode now and there have been some bickering and territorial stand-offs along the way.  It’s amazing how ‘highschool’ things can get! At this point, everyone has defined the direction they want to take once we are done and there is a slight desperation in the air because no one really  has any idea if their plans will materialize.  (or if they’ll have to pack up and go home- which, after a year, is a serious endeavour)  Of course, the general ideal is a contract in one of the perfume houses, and at the very least an internship, but, being France, no one will know for sure until the last minute.   Ok, must get to school…..a bientot……!

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