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Le Vent

Today is WINDY in Grasse!  I am sitting in my office/living room at my computer working on material for my website launch and with the windows open here and on the opposite side in the kitchen and the crosswind is incredible.  I’ve had to tie the double sided windows open so they don’t bang as the wind reverses directions periodically.  The old city is filled with the sound of banging windows and shutters today as this intense summer wind gusts around like mad.

It’s a very stimulating environment in which to work, I must admit.  The sky today is the most amazing clear deep azur blue, as only it can be here on the Cote d’Azur and it feels like full hot summer, but I can’t let it distract me!  I’m almost ready to raise the curtains on the website and reveal 1000 FLOWERS as a visual entity as well as her philosophy- which has required a great amount of contemplation to arrive at.  I’m very happy to announce also that two perfumes will be launched-… enfin!  It’s such a commitment to say, ‘ok it’s done’ to a formula.  Tweaking can go on and on to infinity and at some point, one must simply let go and let the perfume go out into the world and find its own way.

I remember JC Ellena saying that a perfumer must always have just a little doubt… if you become too sure of yourself,  then mistakes can be made.  I’m so happy for this advice now….

Grasse centre fountain

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