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Inheriting- a sense for creation

Hello all!

I am back in Grasse- the cradle of the perfume industry- and last night I sat down at my table with all my raw materials around me and began to explore in earnest some of the perfumes that have been formulating in my mind over the last few monthes.  I have a digital scale now and so can begin the delicate process writing stories with micro increments of the precious liquids that sit innocently in the carefully labelled bottles that are lined up in front of me.  The creative process is so difficult to dive into.  I get stage fright every time. Once I begin, dipping the blotters in solution in pairing them, rotating them, discarding and choosing; I get absorbed into the current and begin to feel the ideas take form. I love the feeling of creation. Of problem solving-experimenting.

My father died last month and I didn’t know until I got back here.  I have been going through many layers of emotion and memory since. Now I want to dedicate the exploration of my aptitudes and know-how to him; for I inherited the way my mind creates from him.  He was a genius and had a sense of logic and way of fitting things together that I feel when I write a perfume formula.  There is a sequencing that takes place, an unravelling in order to fit the pieces together, and this ability that I have came from him.  Thank you Dad! May we all find peace within and without…. and may everything smell really really good!

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