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hello everyone….

Just to let everyone know who has been looking for me; and likely having emails bounced back, I have been in Canada for the last 2 weeks sorting out some details before returning to France (at the end of this month) for the next leg of the journey. My email developed some serious problems the day I arrived here and so far, I have been rather unsuccessful in sorting it out. However, everything should be up and running again soon. 

September 3rd will see the beginning of the fall semester of school just in time for the jasmine harvest….so tune in for all the fragrant details!

I will be in contact with those of you who have asked some questions and those of you who are simply wondering where the heck I am once I land back in my little apartment in the old city of Grasse.  (home sweet home, I must say, even though at the moment I am in a beautiful part of the world called the Caribou in the interior of British Columbia) 

 A bientot!

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