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Grasse- my new home

view from the terrace

 That was my intro to the city.   Needless to say, first impressions are not always correct, and I’ve since discovered that the people here are warm and friendly and only a tiny bit embarrassed about their halting English.  So we reassure each other and I am learning to just wing it, and try out the French I know.  Everyone is very forgiving.  Lessons are going to be a must, I can tell.

in the laneways that make up the old city

 I am falling in love with my flat.   It is very small and on the 4th and top floor of this

my building-that’s my pink towel drying on the balcony
the spiral staircase
the centre of the square where I live- Place des Artistes

This is the perfect place to land- right in the most creative part of the city.  I am inspired and thrilled to call this home.  Today, I was walking home after exploring and buying some veges, and I was hit with a wave of absolutely expansive happiness.  It felt too big to contain.  It welled up in me and poured out in this smile that I had to share with everyone I looked at.  I am so happy!

the dream bouquet

(that reminds me, I haven’t even begun to talk about the perfumeries and scent aspect of this town, but that can wait). 

Slowly, as the days go by, I am beginning to fathom that I am really here.  It’s amazing how we can build things up in our minds so that they reach a state of almost tangible reality, but when it actually happens, it’s hard to comprehend.   But I am here, and it feels wonderful.

more mimosa

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