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Grasse- chez moi…

roses of Grasse

Lately, instead of seeing my life as being at a cross roads, I have been using the analogy of a round-about; which to me is much more fitting of how the circumstances actually feel.  I am going round and round on the inside lane, looking carefully and with interest at each road that branches off in various directions.    I might feel a bit dizzy now and then, but this is the freedom of a round-about; it’s not nearly so black and white or abrupt as a stop light or a cross roads. I like that. And???  What road is looking the brightest and most strewn with flowers and shiny things, you ask?  The answer- Direction Grasse.   I want to stay.  Plain and simple.  This is the land of sunshine and jasmine flowers, roses and orange blossoms, mimosa and wisteria- and of course, the run down beautiful dirty old city of Grasse that you either love or hate….  Where I find myself now feeling like I belong.  And of course it’s not just the flowers; it’s also that in this land everyone speaks of perfume and the industry is ever present.  Jean Claude Ellena and Michel Roudnitska (plus many other perfumers) live just around the corner and the region is infused with the Grassois traditions and deep history of perfumery. There is a ‘knowing’ here, an understanding that is impossible to describe and that took me many monthes to even be aware of. A palpable pulse of creativity and tradition that either embraces you or spits you out.  Maybe this is true for every place. The past 15 monthes have been exceptionally brilliant, painfully so at times; but for now, I cannot imagine spending my time anywhere else; I feel embraced by this place. (with claws sometimes, but the sweetest roses have thorns…)  I am going to set up my studio here and work and create from the inspiration that is fueled by my surroundings, both good and bad, but natural.

So there, I’ve said it!  Now let’s see what happens as this story unfolds once again and the adventure continues….

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