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For the Love of Lavender

Today I am announcing the launch of a new and beautiful product from 1000 Flowers….. Pure, certified organic lavender (lavandula angustilfolia) essential oil distilled in Provence, in the south of France.  This is of the 2011 harvest, and is sweet and fragrant and one of the most beautiful lavender oils I have ever experienced.


This project has been on hold for a few months as I attempted to source a bottle alternative to the regular essential oil bottles with the insert plastic dripulator.  I have always felt that adding all that plastic to a beautiful organic essential oil somewhat defeats the purpose of it being organic in the first place!  After much searching and reflecting, I have decided to package the oil in the same flacons as the perfume collection from 1000 Flowers.  This is a 15ml Italian glass flacon with a very narrow opening in the neck of the bottle, allowing for drops without a plastic insert.  The only plastic to touch the oil, is the very small non-reactive seal on the inside of the lid.

The glass is clear, as opposed to amber or blue, so I suggest keeping the bottle out of direct light to protect the delicate oil from UV damage.

I have chosen lavender as the first pure essential oil from 1000 Flowers for the simple reason that this oil is truly the most versatile, gentle, healing of all.  As well, I feel it is extremely important to make available an oil of the highest quality, tested for purity (GC available upon request), as well as dated so as to know the exact vintage.

I offer this oil with pride and confidence that it is of the highest quality available in the world today. Truly a treasure and a perfect perfume in its own right.

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