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fairy-tale evenings

A quick little hello to say that I am once again immersed in a busy week of school- the chemistry studies have begun and we are still managing to memorize more raw materials.  We are now covering about 3 new ones per day bringing the total as of today to about 300.  We are being tested constantly which proves to be the best method of keeping the knowledge fresh and accessible.

We spent the weekend exploring the area, including Eze, which is a place I have been saving.  This is a stunning little stone village perched way up above the Mediterranean.  We had lunch there and then descended the 1500 feet vertical mountain-goat trail to Eze sur Mer, just before the rain began.  That night, we stayed in Beausoleil, which is basically Monte Carlo, which is Monaco, and went out dancing until 5 am.  What fabulous medicine for the soul!  So many beautiful young people, so charming and fabulous.  A fairy tale place really. I am in love with Monaco, I have to say.

Fragrant thoughts full of love and spring to all of you………………….keep the comments coming!

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