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Entering 2008 in Cannes

Another year gone by- it’s amazing how quickly!  In 18 days, it will be the one year anniversary since my arrival in Paris.  And so much has happened since then.  Now I am standing at another cross-roads; waiting to know how to commence from here.

In the meantime, it is winter here, finally, and today as I leaned into the cold and wet wind, I saw the first signs of the smoking ban in France- people huddled outside the doors of pubs and restaurants puffing away and looking miserable.  What an achievement!  France, with non-smoking establishments! I am very happy about this of course and New Year’s Eve in Cannes was my last night inhaling the noxious fumes of cigarettes. 

The evening of the 31st, we went to Farred, a beautiful Moroccan restaurant in a little lane between La Croissette and the Rue d’Antibes.  I had hoped we would go to a chic club to dance the night away, (when in Rome…or Cannes) but that was too expensive and the restaurant had a warm and friendly ambiance, as well as a great live band and a belly dancer.  (not to mention plate after plate of great food)  I’ve noticed that the people here really bond with each other, table to table, group to group in a way I’ve not seen in NA.  So by midnight, it’s like one big party where everyone knows everyone. Very social, the French.

Just after midnight, I went out into the street to look toward the bay where an extravaganza of fireworks was being displayed set to classical music. I was on my own for this venture, since my companions are both from Brasil (one a lawyer, the other a sushi chef) and to them, 7 degrees C might as well be the Arctic!)

As I stood there alone and watched the feu d’artifice and the crowds of people hurrying toward them, I was again smitten with how much I love this place and its people. A downside is that it’s really expensive and of you don’t speak good French. it’s a bit lonely, but the upside is that it’s orange and clementine season in December and January  (the best I’ve ever had) and most of the time it’s sunny and mild and everywhere you look it’s beautiful.  Oh, and the people are really great, once you know how to deal with them… (here I must recommend ‘Talk to the Snail’ by Stephan Clarke- a hilarious ‘how to guide’).

At this point the end of this leg of the journey is in sight.  I don’t know how or when or where, but I do know that I want to come back. Somehow. In the meantime I have an internship to attend, and then an empire to create.  All the rest will follow.

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